Acceptable Conduct

Your Commitments

To support Sidekick's effort to provide your participants with career-building advice via our chatbot, employers will need to provide the following:

Email Support and Web Services

Employers must ensure Sidekick's web domain is access-listed internally so participants can consume services provided at this domain.

Content for Recommendations

Oftentimes employers have specific recommendations they would like users to receive, including open positions, training programs, and pathways to different careers. Employers who wish for these specific recommendations must provide the relevant information about these programs and services to Sidekick.

Onboarded Volunteers

Oftentimes employers want participants to connect with current employees to learn about open positions or other opportunities. Employers who wish for these connections will need to provide onboarded volunteers who can serve as connections for participants.

Conduct Guidelines

Sidekick is committed to safe and supportive learning environments for all students. By partnering with Sidekick, you agree to follow these guidelines.

When working with Sidekick, please remember to:

Be kind and respectful

We're all with Sidekick to learn, and it's important to treat others as you want to be treated. Encouraging hatred or violence on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability is completely unacceptable when working with Sidekick, as is creating content that threatens or harasses another person or group. We do not tolerate bullying for any reason.

Keep it clean

Remember that Sidekick works with minors. If you are sharing or presenting book quotes that contain swearing or other profanity, songs with sexually suggestive lyrics, slang in another language, or using profanity in any other valid learning context, please exercise your best judgment in making this content public or private.

Consider the hard work and rights of others

Please do not knowingly use content that infringes on someone else's copyright.

Respect people's privacy (and your own)

Privacy is critically important to us. You can read our full privacy policy here. Do not publicly share your own personally identifiable information, or that of minors or students, while working with Sidekick.

We depend on partners, teachers, students, and everyone to not only to follow these guidelines, but also to report content or activity that goes against these principles. If you experience or observe an incident you believe violates this policy, please contact us at

Thank you for supporting our mission!

Inappropriate Content

Sidekick strongly believes in freedom of speech. With that said, we recognize we’re operating with minors in an environment meant to be physically and intellectually safe that’s governed by local communities with strongly held values. Therefore, there are a few categories of content and behavior that we don’t permit from project partners nor school representatives, including administrators, teachers, and students, because we consider them harmful to the overall community.

To be transparent about what content is and isn't allowed on our Service, we’ve put together this set of guidelines.

The following activity/material isn’t allowed on Sidekick.

Illegal content and conduct.


Intellectual property infringement.

We recognize that copyrighted materials are often used in fair use context. We strongly support this and urge copyright holders to take this into consideration before submitting complaints. If you're not sure, a good rule of thumb is to always ask the rights holder for permission before republishing their content.


We know that there may be different definitions of this, but generally, we define pornography as visual depictions of sexually explicit acts. Nudity, in and of itself, is fine.

Technologically harmful content.

Please don’t upload or link to malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious or destructive code.


Don’t claim to be a person or organization you’re not. (Parody and satire are ok though!)

Directly threatening material.

Do not post direct and realistic threats of violence. That is, you cannot post a genuine call for violence—or death—against an individual person, or groups of persons.

Inciteful material.

Content that may not directly threaten another but could reasonably incite violence. This includes offensive language. This doesn't mean that we'll remove all hyperbole, but content with exclusive or perverse undertones will not be tolerated.

Posting private information.

Don’t share someone’s personal information without their consent.



Hotlinking to Sidekick.

Your content shouldn’t host files that will only be used on other sites.

Spam or machine-generated content.

You know what this is, but in general, sites such as those primarily dedicated to drive traffic to third party sites, boost SEO, phish, spoof, or promote affiliate marketing aren’t cool. We don’t want you to pollute the web outside of Sidekick either, so we ask you to please avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited promotions or emails about your site, even if it’s not on Sidekick.

Right to interpretation

Bear in mind that these are just guidelines -- interpretations are solely up to us. These guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change.

File a Complaint

If you believe a Sidekick site has violated our agreement with you or any of these policies, please contact us at We aim to promptly review and investigate all complaints we receive.

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