Project updates

Why we do this

Project updates create momentum for a project among students because they enforce regular deadlines. Most importantly, these updates help partners and teachers feel connected to students.

How project updates work

tl;dr: Teachers already using apps like Remind, Seesaw, or ClassDojo know the drill.

We'll ask to hear from the classroom on how things are going. Think of these as the project's weekly newsletter, blog, or journal entries. They don't have to be long or formal. A couple to a few sentences is enough. The primary purpose is simply to let the partner stay connected to the students and let Sidekick know how far along students are for scheduling and support.

What they may look like

Some teachers like to write a couple sentences for the class as a whole. This is the most expedient option. We also encourage teachers to nominate different students to share their update each time (for teachers with the appropriate consent, video or audio messages are a nice bonus!).

How often updates happen

Teachers or students may send updates as often as they want! If the partner hasn't heard from the classroom in a week, Sidekick will nudge the teacher with an update prompt.

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