What are integration credits?

Why we use integration credits

Sidekick's Storyboard helps you turn anything into evidence of learning and serves as a single place where students, teachers, and parents can view student progress. Our tool includes built-in integrations with Google Docs and Google Sheets to gather student evidence into a single dashboard. This dashboard shows standards students have met, what evidence exists to show these students have met these standards, and what standards are still unmet. Most importantly, the Storyboard tries to accomplish this with no new work. We accomplish this by integrating with the tools you're already using and listening for evidence within the workflows you already have.

Because every school's workflow is different, we give you custom integrations with your other tools. Integration credits are guaranteed custom integrations built into your contract. They let us build these integrations according to your specifications.

Some integrations are more complex than others. As such, you get 100 integration credits to spend on the integrations that are most important to you. Once an integration is built, these custom integrations are covered under the same terms as our other features. Upon renewal, unused integration credits roll over to the next year.

Integration credits only apply to custom integrations for the Storyboard. The use of integration credits does not preclude you from making conventional feature or service requests for the Storyboard other services Sidekick provides.

How integration credits work

Custom integrations are requested using credits. The number of credits a custom integration uses is based on the complexity of the integration. Complexity is calculated based on four factors:

  • How conventional the integration is between our tool and yours

  • Accessibility of the data based on the data format

  • Authentication process

  • Maintenance required

You could expect a simple integration using an existing account, like an integration with Google Slides, to use up 20 credits. A highly unconventional integration with a proprietary application that requires new authentication and incurs a heavy maintenance cost will likely use all or more than your 100 credits for the year.

Prior to building any integrations, we will estimate how many credits your requested integrations use, allowing you to select the most important integrations or change your specifications to reduce the number used.

If circumstances require it, you may purchase additional credits. Talk to your Sidekick relationship point person when you want to pursue this option.

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