Email template for students to recruit experts for projects

Requesting an Interview

Use this template to help you get an interview with an expert.

Also check out this guide on the Muse, this guide from 75 to Go, and this guide on the Huffington Post for some additional tips and templates. These guides suggest how to get interviews for a variety of purposes, but their points are still useful regardless of your goal.


High School Student Seeking Your Expertise for {{Project_Field}} Project


Dear {{Recipient}},

I'd love your help with a project we're working on for a project at my high school. For our project, we are {{One-line Description of Your Project}}.

I'm reaching out to you because {{One-line Explanation for Specific Reason You're Contacting This Person}}. I'd deeply appreciate your input on {{1 or 2 Specific Topics or Questions This Expert Can Help With}}.

Would you be available for a 15-20 minute video chat or phone call? {{Meeting Option 1 (e.g., Monday, June 1st at 10am)}} or {{Meeting Option 2}} could be ideal, but please let me flex to your schedule.

Thank you in advance,
{{Your Name}}
{{Your School}}

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