Submitting expenses for reimbursement

Most of the time, Sidekick will take orders and make purchases for you. We can't cover every expense this way, though, so in those times where you need to submit an expense report for reimbursement, we recommend using Expensify. This is what Sidekick uses internally!

How to submit an expense report

The Expensify folks have already put togther a bunch of great content on how to use their product. Visit their Help Center to check out the guide for submitters.

In particular, their Day 1 setup guide walks through all the steps you'll need to submit an expense report to Sidekick.

Sidekick specifics

Who do I submit my report to?

Please submit your report to

What if I can't attach my bank account for electronic reimbursement?

Please submit your report as a PDF and include the physical mailing address at which you would like to receive your reimbursement. Our bank will cut you a check that you will receive by mail.

What if Sidekick denies my reimbursement claim?

We reserve the right to deny claims that we deem unreasonable. We don't have any strict limit on food and transit expenses, though, as we haven't had to yet. We're lucky in that all the people we work with are awesome 😎. As long as you're not ordering the seafood platter at midnight we'll all be all right.

Some people like a little more guidance, so if it's helpful, the few expenses we need to reimburse tend to fall around $25 per meal and $50 for travel.

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