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This content refers to a past partner connection called Live Sessions is soon to change.

#KEEP: It's really hard to predict when students will finish a project, so we usually do these as videos so teachers and students have the flexibility to take the time they need.

Live Sessions may be only a small component of the entire project duration, but they have a tremendous effect on the student outcomes and the success of projects. Even a 15-minute video session solidifies the authenticity of these projects and vaults forward the progress student teams make on these projects.

Live Sessions are great for communicating complex ideas and answering questions related to the project. Most importantly, they let you get to know the students personally and let them begin to develop a real relationship with you. Don't be afraid to prioritize relationship-building and mentorship over project details.

If you haven't already, we recommend you check out the optional online training on how to talk with teenagers that promotes important learning mindsets.

Live Session at the End of the Project: The Final Presentation

The live presentation you final formal interaction with student teams and closes out the project. By this point, you should have already reviewed and provided individual feedback on projects online via the Online Exhibition.

Prior to the Session

For this particular session, the agenda is relatively fixed. As the project partner, you will close out the session with a final statement.

Given we don't go into the project expecting solutions that rival those of a professional, your final statement should focus on promoting a positive learning environments and celebrating the end of the project celebration.

As such, it's best to prepare your final statement beforehand. You can of course make adaptations if the Live Session prompts you to, but if you've already reviewed the project solutions on the Online Exhibition there shouldn't be that many surprises.

Your final statement should:

  • Thank the teams for their work

  • Suggest general tips (rather than project-specific feedback) students can use in future projects, classes, or careers

  • Highlight attributes you like in student products, praising the underlying process the attribute exemplifies

  • (Very Important) Describe how students' work will be put to use

You will recognize a lot of overlap from the comments you left in the Online Exhibition and you should feel free to steal liberally.

During the Session

During the live presentation, a select group of project teams will briefly present to the partner for no more than 8 minutes. After each presentation, you (the partner) will have time to ask clarifying questions for 1-2 minutes, but save any feedback or conclusions for after all teams have presented.

After all teams have presented, the stage is yours! Conclude with the final statement you've prepared, adapting as needed to real-time developments.

The project officially ends at the end of the Live Final Presentation. Sidekick will hand over sanitized deliverables in the following weeks. Students and teachers may reach out for mentorship requests or to thank you.

If you would rather not share your contact information, please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare the teacher.

Finally, we'll reach out to get your feedback and get you set up for your organization's next project!

Partner Feedback Expectations

The expectations of feedback you provide, however, changes based the stage of the project.

The Online Exhibition is a special online feedback event where students display their final work for you. You will get access to this exhibition before your live session for the final presentations so you can go into that presentation familiar with the teams' work. It will also help you prepare your final statement for the live presentation by helping you determine how you could credibly use their work.

All of their project solutions are loaded into a single page for you to quickly scroll through.

Thank you for all your fantastic work! I'm blown away by the effort you've put into helping my organization and me and I'm excited to put your solution to use.
With your team's solution in particular, I approached {{aspect_that_could_be_improved}} the same way when I was getting started. Since then I've learned to {{general_tip_trick_or_question_you_wanted_to_see}}. This is a good practice for most projects in my industry and I hope you'll be able to apply it in your future!
That aside, the way you've {{process_that_led_to_aspect_you_like}} impresses me. Your work here shows in {{aspect_of_solution_you_like}}, which will be really valuable for {{how_you_could_use_aspect}}.

Since this is the end of the project, the solutions you're seeing are what you're getting, so there isn't much point in providing feedback to which a response would require additional iterations on the solution.

Instead, we recommend leaving one summary comment per team. Feel free to copy, paste, and adapt the following template for your comments.

Its has 3 primary goals:

  1. thank the teams for their work and let them recognize your appreciation.

  2. give them a few general questions they perhaps forgot to ask, framed as mistakes that you've made when you were just getting started, that they'll be able to take into their next project with you or anyone else in their future

  3. "Praise the process, not the person" to help students leave the project with a positive attitude towards persisting through and learning from challenging situations.

Example Statements "Praising the Process"

  • "the way you've worked really hard on it"

  • "how you kept at it, after struggling at first, and came back at it from a new angle."

  • "the way you approached it from several different perspectives"

  • "how you've stayed laser-focused when you needed to"

  • "the way you critically reflected on what would be the best approach"

We know we just gave you a template, but also try to be authentic.

We provide the template to get you as close to the finish line as we can, but at the same time, teenagers know when you're parroting talking points. If you can, adopt the goals of the summary feedback and spirit of the template while providing feedback true to your thoughts and personality.

For some this may be the hardest thing we're asking of you, so thank you for all your hard work!